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The cultivation of monocrystalline crystals has since become indispensable in a whole range of applications. For the photovoltaic and semiconductor industry in particular as well as for the power electronics industry, the regular lattice structure of ultra-pure monocrystalline crystals ensures efficient production that is viable for future requirements. How can we help you?

Semiconductor Industry

In the semiconductor industry in particular, high-purity crystals have long played an essential role. As the basis for discrete semiconductor components such as transistors and diodes, for microelectronics such as semiconductor memories and integrated circuits and for microsystem components such as sensors and converters, they have to fulfill the very highest standards when it comes to purity and their lattice structure.

Polysilicon Industry

Thanks to its high degree of purity, polycrystalline silicon helps to boost the performance of semiconductors and solar cells. In the polysilicon industry, the Cz process converts polycrystalline silicon into monocrystalline silicon (for semiconductor applications), which is then cut into monocrystalline wafers. These wafers are used as a substrate for electrical systems such as integrated circuits. For solar cell applications, polycrystalline silicon is used as a base material for producing crystalline silicon solar cells.

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Photovoltaic Industry

For the solar market, high-quality silicon crystals in particular are key components of the photovoltaics value chain. Rising commodity prices, the increasing scarcity of fossil fuel resources, and global warming will provide additional impetus to the market for renewables. Our systems for producing high-quality silicon crystals are designed to ensure that you are ideally equipped to meet these future challenges.

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Documents on specific subject areas can be found in our Media Center.


Ongoing system design and development are key factors in the strategy and survival of a company. In an ever-changing global industrial landscape, innovative companies have to continuously refine and enhance their designs, launch new-generation systems and expand their range of future-oriented products. Through close collaboration with university research departments and science- and technology-driven institutes, we deliver innovative systems and technologies specially optimized to meet your individual requirements.

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