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The SiCube system has been specially designed for producing Silicon-Carbide crystals (SiC) by means of High-Temperature Chemical Vapor Deposition (HTCVD). In this process the components are deposited on the substrate through chemical decomposition from the gas phase at high temperatures. The purity of the process—in particular of the Oxygen and water—is ensured by pumping the system out to create an ultra-high vacuum before the process starts. The temperature is generated through inductive heating in the kilohertz range by means of an induction coil. Substrates with diameters of up to 100 mm (4") can be used.

Product Data Overview

Material: Silicon Carbide

Seed wafer: up to 4"
Operating pressure: 5–900 mbar
Operating temperature: max. 2,400 °C
Final vacuum: 5 x 10-6 mbar
Output voltage: max. 80 kW
Frequency: 6–10 kHz
Height: 3,725 mm
Width: 2,000 mm
Depth: 2,500 mm
Weight (total): 3,800 kg

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